Grupo Alten has been working in this country since the beginning of 2016 with the aim of submitting a proposal in the call for tenders that was opened in December 2016, for the installation of 4 photovoltaic solar power plants with an overall power of between 80 and 120 nominal MW. Alten is participating in this tender process with an offer for the development, construction and funding of several plants.

The surface area of the country totals 118,000 km2, which is similar to Portugal yet more than 20% of the territory is occupied by Lake Malawi. It has a population of 13 million which is expected to double over the next 15 years according to UN forecasts.

It is known as “the heart of Africa” because of its landlocked location between Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as the friendly and open nature of those who live there.

Nowadays, almost all of the electric power generation (more than 90%) is hydraulic. The country has been plagued by a pertinacious drought for several years; hence, the interest in producing energy through renewable resources.