In the western part of the Spanish province of Guadalajara, ALTEN Energías Renovables is developing the ALTEN El Casar plant in the municipality of El Casar, specifically on the Nava, La Hoyuela and La Cruz del Contadero sites, to the north of national highway N-320, which accesses the town of El Casar, near the residential complex Valde Los Llanos.

The new photovoltaic solar plant will have total installed capacity of 13.02 MWp, with 330 Wp solar modules. The plant has 2 transformer centres and will transfer the energy produced along 1,895 metres of underground electricity cable before connecting to the 132/20 kV Galapagos substation owned by the distribution company Iberdrola, located near the area.

The plant facilities cover a total ground area of 283,411 square metres (28.35 hectares), divided between three plots of 4.20, 8.42 and 15.73 hectares respectively. There is perimeter fencing around the three installations of 1,098, 1,330 and 1,828 metres, making a total of 4,256 metres.

The development, construction, operations and maintenance of this photovoltaic solar park reaffirms the commitment of ALTEN Energías Renovables to develop new PV projects in Spain, where the company has its head office.

Key features of the project:

  • Peak power: 13,02 MW
  • Country: Spain
  • Municipality (province): El Casar (Guadalajara)
  • Annual production: 24,899 MWh/year
  • Technology: Photovoltaic Solar
  • Modules: 34,713 PV Chint 375 Wp Mono, PERC, HC modules
  • Inverter: 108 Huawei SUN2000_105KTL_H1 String Inverter
  • MT transformer: 4 transformer centres, type 2,800 kVA Dy11 20/08 kV

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