Experiencia internacional - Alten

Together, the professionals comprising the Grupo Alten management team have more than ten years of experience in designing, financing, commissioning and operating photovoltaic solar power plants in Spain, Italy, India, Mexico, Peru, USA and Sub-Saharan Africa. They have led the development and operation of more than fifty photovoltaic power plants in these countries with a capacity of more than 650 MWp  and an investment of US$ 2bn.

With an investment, since 2006, of more than US$ 700 million in operating and construction plants, the Alten Group has more than 400 MW under construction in Mexico and Namibia, which will come into operation at the end of 2018 and an important pipeline of 1 GW in different phases of development in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

As part of its international expansion strategy, Grupo Alten continues to focus its business in the so-called “sun belt” comprised of countries in Central America, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa in order to become one of the main independent photovoltaic energy producers in the medium term.

Besides irradiation criteria, Grupo Alten also takes into account the following criteria when selecting target countries for its business:

  • Legal security and political stability
  • Strong economic growth with significant short- and long-term energy generation goals
  • Government programs that support renewable energies
  • High solar radiation, the availability of land and system capacity
  • Short- and long-term photovoltaic energy competitiveness
  • Financial experience and solid interest from international financial and institutional entities to structure a Project Finance scheme
  • Attractive projects for local partners/investors