Clean energy serving the society and environment

Accumulated electricity generated (MWh)
Equivalent CO2 emissions (Tm CO2)
Equivalent trees planted (000s)
Equivalent annual consumption (Local people)

These data include the operating results of the solar plants that Alten Energías Renovables has in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Europe. Alten Energías Renovables focuses its business strategy and decision-making in the fight against climate change and the commitment to corporate social responsibility, always contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

An independent power producer with accredited international experience

Alten Energías Renovables is an independent power producer (IPP) with profound international knowhow in the development and financing, together with engineering management, construction and operating, of photovoltaic solar plants.


Working areas and services

Alten Energías Renovables business encompasses practically the whole value chain in the PV sector, from designing farms and promoting greenfield projects, through the financing and integrated management of the construction process, up to the operations and maintenance of the power plants

Design and development

Greenfield projects: negotiations with local partners, identifying the ideal site for the plants and negotiating with owners, obtaining permits, technical support, construction management, grid connection agreements, energy purchase agreements, etc.

Investment and funding

Design of the financial structure, private-capital management and negotiation of project finance with the main financial institutions.

Construction management

Best technology analysis, selection of contractors, negotiation of EPC and operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts.

Operation and maintenance

Accredited capacity and expertise to offer a seamless operation and maintenance service (O&M); technical, financial, legal and administrative management; verifiable results (performance ratio, EBITDA, etc.)


ALTEN Africa and ALTEN America

ALTEN Africa

ALTEN America


Photovoltaic plants

México - Aguascalientes

México - Others

Namibia – Hardap

Namibia – Others

Kenia - Eldoret

NIgeria - Lokoja

Mozambique - Cuamba

Guadalajara – El Casar

Spain – Others