KENYA| Eldoret | Kesses 1 | 55 MW | Under Construction + Kesses 2 | 55MW | In Development

Alten Energías Renovables started operating in Kenya in 2013developing the country’s first utility-scale PV solar projects. The company focused on finding land with optimal irradiation and good access to the grid.

Over the last seven years, Alten has developed two projects. The first of these, Kesses 1, is currently under construction. This project will have an installed capacity of 55 MWp that will be connected to the KPLC grid next to the town of Eldoret.

The project is financed by Standard Bank of South Africa, Stanbic and EAIF, and is expected to go onto the grid by the end of 2020.

This project will connect to a pre-existing 230 kV power transmission line between Turkwel hydroelectric plant and Lessos substation. This power line crosses the plant’s land, meaning that the entire power line infrastructure will be located within the boundaries of the plant’s terrain.

This facility, which covers a total surface area of about 10 hectares, will generate around 123,000 MWh/year of clean energy, equivalent to the needs of about 245,000 Kenyan homes.

At the same time, the company has been developing a second project, Kesses 2, in the same region, with total power of 55 MWp, joined to a 132 kV transmission line, that connects with the city of Eldoret. The project is currently awaiting the onset of negotiations with Kenya Power and Lighting Co.