The human capital of Alten Energías Renovables is one of the project’s truly strong points. Together with the management team’s breadth of experience, the motivated staff base has a solid academic and professional background, bringing together expertise, professional skills, enthusiasm for the work and personal commitment. All these qualities are hugely valuable in making a project a triumph.

The right mix of talent, perseverance and involvement in the project on the part of the professionals working at Alten Energías Renovables is one of the fundamentals of our success. In a short time we have put together a working team that is dynamic, innovative, looking to make a difference, committed to the company’s strategy and aligned with the goal of providing competitive profitability to the shareholder.

We are expanding and always looking for well-trained people with experience who are open to new ideas and looking to learn. We would hope that you are enthusiastic and committed, excited about joining our team and want to get involved in our project.