At Grupo Alten we are aware of the big challenge we have and for that reason the implementation of a sustainable workplace, marketplace, community and environmental guidance is our responsibility.


We know that Human resources are the most valuable assets and for that reason since the company constitution our main concerns have been, among others the following:

  • The establishment of equal opportunities and open communication with employees
  • The Improvement the work conditions and social protection and workplace climate
  • The application of Health and safety policies and trainings at work
  • Human development and training in the workplace
  • Respect the work –life balance


The most crucial factor to reach our economic effectiveness is the business environment in which we operate, including all of our customers, shareholders/investors, suppliers, business partners. We are conscious of the necessity of implement in all our activities the following best practices:

  • Anti-corruption policies
  • Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
  • Implementation of the Performance Standards
  • Fair competition in acquisition process


The role of business in society has evolved during the last decades to incorporate not only economic, but also social and environmental aspects, for that reason it is important to us an interaction with communities since the beginning.

  • Community involvement
  • Employment creation and skills developments
  • Infrastructure to benefit both business and he community
  • Wealth and income creation – economic impact
  • Health – protecting the health of locals


The acceleration of the Climate change and our compromise with Nature and humanity are the factors that impulse us to work day a day in the implementation of clean energies. With our solar PV projects around the world we obtain:

  • Pollutant emissions avoided
  • Sustainable resource use
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • Aplication of all the Environmental Management Plans