Alten 1

An independent power producer with accredited international experience

Alten Energías Renovables is an independent power producer (IPP) with profound international knowhow in the development and financing, together with engineering management, construction and operating, of photovoltaic solar plants.

The management team’s experience is one of the company’s key assets; since 2006 its members have led the promotion and commissioning of over 50 PV plants in southern Europe (Italy and Spain), Asia (India) and Latin America (Peru and Mexico), as well as developments in Sub-Saharan Africa and North America, installing capacity of over 1,500 MWp and global investment of US$ 2.4 billion.

Alten Energías Renovables, in particular, has handled direct investment of over US$ 700 million in PV solar plants that are currently operating. Its strategic plan for the next few years includes expansion in southern Europe, Mexico and Sub-Saharan Africa, to maximise its experience and diversify its investment in the independent production of electric power using PV solar technology.

Alten Energías Renovables specialises in the development, financing, engineering management, construction and operating of solar plants that generate electricity using photovoltaic solar technology, selling the electricity it produces over the long term.